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Giving Back

"For many years I struggled financially and personally as I chased a music dream.

I remember every small piece of advice or help in some way or another went a long way!

As I finally began to have a little success in the business I wanted to give back, helping and inspiring students that were in the same boat that I was in and facing other issues ...

students that have faced anything from anxiety to family struggles to just needing a

boost in confidence as they dive into a music journey. I started the "giving back" in my hometown and the town that I currently reside. I'm looking forward to continuing this momentum in different parts of Minnesota going into 2023."  -Greg

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Inspiring & offering music opportunities

to youth that may be facing start up obstacles, anxiety, depression, family troubles, financial troubles, and a variety

of other issues that with the gift of music they can dive into this amazing outlet of music for today and the future.



Continue spreading inspiration and musical

outlets annually through musical instrument giveaways along with a new venture of music production / songwriting inspirational clinics & gear giveaways. 

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